Barcode Registration

Barcode Registration

We can help you obtain  Barcodes registration for your products with expert help.


Barcodes are vertical lines representation that can be scanned electronically to fetch the product details faster.

Barcode is used to encode the product details instantly such as product numbers, serial numbers, and batch numbers. A barcode on product plays a vital role in the supply chain, enabling all participants’ like Manufacturers, transporter, wholesaler to identify products easily.

In addition to that, a barcode on products plays a vital role in a supply chain, supermarkets, transportation, hospitals, and fast-moving retails chains.

EAN-13 is the most commonly used type of barcode that has 13 numeric digits. UPC-A barcode is a superset of 12 numeric digits.

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Barcode registration is not a government mandatory requirement. A retail barcode will work fine even without registration because stores enter the barcode number and link it to their billing or inventory software on an individual basis.


Eliminates Error

Barcode removes the chance of human errors. A barcode scan is fast and accurate and takes much less time than manual data entry.

Cost-effective & convenient

Barcodes are really cost effective, easy to obtain and print, moreover they can also be customized.

Detailed information

The Barcode contains all the relevant details of the product such as product numbers, serial numbers, and batch numbers and also ensures the genuineness of

Inventory control

Barcode registration saves the time of all supply chain Participants and makes easy for the product to move anywhere in lesser time.

Saves time

Barcode registration saves a lot of time. All anyone just needs to do is scan the barcode affixed on the product and refer to the details thereof.

Better decision making

The consumers rely on Barcode scanned product information which is more accurate. This leads to immediate decision-making.


  1. Upload the required documents & business details to our web portal.
  2. Consult our business advisor about a product for which seeking Barcode registration.
  3. Choose Package and Pay online with different payments modes available    
  4. On placing an order, your application shall be assigned to one of our dedicated professional.
  5. After documents & information scrutiny, our team will file an application for product registration.
  6. On successful  registration, we will provide barcodes and certificate.