Income Tax Return

We can help you in filing your Income Tax Return through professionals while you sitting at home.



This ITR filing is for individuals whose income from Salary, Pension, House Property, or Other Sources upto INR 50 Lakhs.


This return is for Individuals & HUF whose income is from salary, pension, house property, capital gains, foreign asset/income or other sources.


This income tax return is for Individuals & HUF having income from profit and gains of business or profession (PGBP).


This ITR Filing is for Individuals or HUF who have income from PGBP but have opted for presumptive income scheme


This return is for Firms, LLPs, Body of Individuals (BOI) and Association of Persons (AOP)


This return is for all type of companies such as Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, OPC, except Section 8 Company

Benefits of ITR Filing

Every Person who is earning Income should have file return. Many person do not file return in case of income below threshold limit because they are not aware about the benefits of ITR filing. Following are benefits of income tax filing:

  • Easy Loan approvals (Housing Loan, Car Loan, Business Loan, Personal loan, Education Loan Etc.)
  • Easy process for Visa Application
  • Easily approval of Scholarships for children’s education
  • Easy processing for Higher Studies
What is an ITR Return?
  • Income Tax Return is a proof that you have paid your income tax.
  • It contains details about your annual income and the amount of tax you have paid.
  • Every year, Indian citizens who earn taxable income have to file Income ITR.
  • Filing ITR will help you in getting a refund in case you pay more tax than what you are required to pay.
  • If you fail to file your ITR, you might have to bear penalty etc.
  • Income tax return form ranges from ITR 1 to ITR 7 which can be choose on the basis of Nature of Income, Nature of Person.