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GEM stands for Government e-Market Place. GEM Registration is an online commercial portal started in 2017 by the government. GEM Online Registration simplifies the process of obtaining the goods and services that are commonly used. This procurement process is taken place under the surveillance of government officers. This market place offers the facility of online bidding and reverse e-auction. Online GEM Seller Registration helps the government users to get the best worth out of the money spent by them.

Emergence of electronic market place eradicates the interference of human as all the functions are performed online. GEM online Registration handles all the purposes of seller Registration online, placing orders and payment procedures. GEM portal Registration as seller is an open support for all the suppliers who want to work with the government.

What do you mean by Public Procurement?

Why do we need to choose GeM Seller Registration?

Every business whether private or public needs to buy some goods and services to perform the necessary works in the office and survive in the market. Public procurement, also known as government tenders is a procedure in which the central government, state government and the public sector undertakings purchases goods and services from the private sectors.

Government sectors allow the private sectors to sale their goods and services to them but they need to follow certain strict rules and regulations. This rule is set just for the sake of satisfaction that the purchase is done effectively and efficiently.

GeM Seller Registration proves beneficial and in this way everyone can choose the best option. It also authorizes small units to enter the vast online platform which enables them to sell their goods and services to various public sector undertakings.

GeM online Registration provides complete security and transparency in the purchase of goods and services and payment to suppliers. GeM portal helps the state and central government to buy goods and services directly from private sector vendors.

Benefits Of GeM Seller Registration


GeM Registration provides several of benefits to both the buyers as well as the sellers. We have mentioned certain benefits below.


Benefits for Buyers :

Online GeM Registration helps the buyers in certain ways:

  • GeM Portal Registration helps the buyers in purchasing the goods and services online at the time when it is needed.
  • Your business will become fully legal tax compliant
  • It enables the buyers to search for the product online, compare it with similar products and buying the goods and services easily.
  • Buyers get the advantages of transparency and ease in purchasing the goods online.
  • GeM Registration Online provides easy policy of return.
  • It helps with uninterrupted rating system for the vendors.

Benefits for the sellers :

GeM Seller Registration helps the sellers with the following benefits:

  • GeM Portal Registration helps in listing the products for specific kinds of good and services.
  • GeM Online Registration enables the seller for direct entree in all the government departments.
  • It provides steady and undeviating processes for purchasing goods and services.
  • GeM Seller Registration provides the ability to the sellers to give their advice with the new product.
  • The sellers have the right to change the price of the goods and services according to the market situations.
  • GeM Vendor Registration provides online marketing with minimum efforts.
  • GeM Seller Registration provides a dashboard that enables the sellers to monitor the sales and payments done.
  • It reduces paper work and provides special benefits for new startups.
Details and Documents required before for registering on GeM portal:

The following are the details required for registration on GeM portal:

  1. Constitution Type such as Proprietorship, Firm, Company, Trust or Society and Central Government/State Government.
  2. Constitution Name.
  3. Aadhaar Number or Personal PAN of the user (Authorized signatory of ITR)
  4. For Aadhaar based registrations, mobile number which is linked with the Aadhaar is required.
  5. Active mobile number and email id.

      6.Banks Details

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